brace yourself, kc.
health 2.0 is comin' to town
april 26 @ polsinelli kcmo
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Um... what even is Health 2.0?
(you gotta start somewhere)
Health 2.0 Kansas City Chapter, as part of the international Health 2.0 movement, is a network dedicated to innovations in healthcare and its intersection with technology. This is a venue for sharing, discussing, showcasing and developing ideas for how to improve the overall landscape.
Cool, so who runs this thing?
(why, aren't you full of q's)

(me and my good hombre kusal crashing the kcbj's 2017 entrepreneur's panel)

and now for some cliché professional pics

Milton Li
Co-founder, CEO

Kusalwin Kularatne
Co-founder, CSO

Great, I'm interested. What now?
(finally, we're talking business)
Now it's time for our elevator pitch: our inaugural Health 2.0 KC event will be held on April 26 from 5:30 to 7:45 PM at the KCMO Polsinelli Offices which will include a period of networking, presentations from the FINEST health startups of KC including Redivus HealthKingFit, and FEWDM Fitness, and, of course, food and drinks.

So come by our event and reserve tickets before they run out!